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Bareilly is situated on the banks of the River Ram Ganga and had been the capital headquarters of historical Rohilkhand region. Today, the city is ranked as 50th largest city in India and 8th largest metropolitan city of Uttar Pradesh. The city is named after the names of sons of Raja Jagat Singh viz. Basdev and Baraldev. It is being surrounded by Temples of Lord Shiva, constructed by Nath Spiritual Lineage, Bareilly is also known as Nath Nagri.

SRMS Riddhima – A Center for Performing and Fine Arts, is a tribute to Shri Ram Murti Ji, for his special inclination towards art and culture, by Shri Ram Murti Smarak Trust. The centre is affiliated to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (Khairagarh), Chattishgarh. The main objective of this Centre is to preserve the cultural heritage of Ganga Jamuni tradition of Bareilly, for the revitalization in the field of art and culture, as well as to attract the youth towards classical dance, classical music (Vocal and Instrumental), fine arts, Drama and theater.

Bareilly is also the birthplace of Alim-e-din Zanaab Ala Hazrat. Every morning begins with the hymns by Pandit Radheshyam chanted at the Laxminarayan temple devoted by Chunna Miyaan, and evenings at Khanka-e -Niyazia are delighted with Sufi Kalams. K.P. Saxena's sarcasm and Shayris of Wasim Barelvi has crowned Bareilly with Ganga Jamuni Tradition.

Since the year 1990 for taking forward the ideals and principles of Late Shri Ram Murti ji, veteran freedom fighter, True Gandhian Ex-Minister- U.P. Govt., Ex-Parliamentarian, Shri Ram Murti Smarak Trust is dedicated to Nation Building mainly through Community Services and Social Welfare. In the field of professional education a total of 16 institutions have so far been established in Bareilly, Lucknow and Unnao districts of Uttar Pradesh for providing world-class Healthcare services and quality higher education in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Management, Pharmacy, Nursing, Paramedical and Law.





Our Inspiring Soul

Late Shri Ram Murti Ji

The SRMS Trust was established in the memory of Late Shri Ram Murti Ji, veteran freedom fighter, a true Gandhian, Ex-Parliamentarian and Ex-Minister, U.P. Govt.

He visited several countries including USA, Japan, England and Taiwan on Agricultural missions and contributed largely towards promotion of Green Revolution in India.

Ram Murti Ji declined to accept the pension offered to the freedom fighters, since he was of the conviction that whatever he did for the motherland was out of patriotism and not for material gains. In pursuance of the same patriotic spirit he also donated 30 acres of agricultural land in the Bhoodan Movement.

From the Founder's Desk

The art of music in life is as high as the snow peaks. India is known and recognized all over the world as a nation rich in culture. Music, dance and drama have been an integral part of our culture since the beginning of our civilization. In the beginning, these art forms were used as a medium for the promotion of religion and social reforms. From the Vedic age to the medieval period, art remained an important source of educating the masses.

For a long time and even today, the social and religious customs and practices of rural India are being propagated and disseminated through the medium of musical art. Its effect is also seen on today's modern urban culture. In today's time, there is hardly any such example in which any ceremony etc. has been started without a cultural program. In India, almost every festival, the joy of the birth of a child and even a good harvest is celebrated through music and dance.

Contrary to this, the degradation of Indian cultural heritage and art is being seen in today's era, it is very condemnable. Presently, music and art are being seen only as a means of entertainment, due to which our cultural credibility is getting tarnished. The question arises that how should culture and art be preserved, so that the understanding of culture and art can be increased in future generations. Shri Ram Murti Smarak Trust has decided to take a positive step in this direction and has established th “Riddhima” – A Center of Performing & Fine Arts in Bareilly on 8 February 2021 to promote and propagate the cultural and artistry of India at the world level. By this step of the Trust, the culture and art lovers of Bareilly and the surrounding cities, towns and villages of Bareilly will not only be able to understand the culture and art of Bareilly but the whole of India also.

Dev Murti
Managing Trustee, SRMS Trust

Riddhima Road Map


Our objective is to preserve, nurture and refine the budding talents in the field of Performing & Fine Arts by bridging up the gap between Mentor and Mentee. We strive for providing a fully equipped centre so that it can achieve the status of a shrine in this fraternity.


Our vision is to resurrect the cultural heritage of Indian Traditional art forms by providing a platform to the unsung artist of this region and to devote this centre to nurture the budding talents.


To restore the traditional teaching methodology of various art forms.
To invoke the hidden talent of youth and to polish their interest towards the traditional art forms.
To provide dedicate infrastructure in the centre of city for Artist of National & International repute.
To provide talented artiste worldwide, in entertainment industries.
To emerge as a centre of excellence in the field of Performing & Fine Arts






Advisory Committee

Kathak Guru
Dean & Head
Faculty of Fine Arts
Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga
Theatre/Film/Television Artist
Bharatnatyam Guru
Sitar Maestro
Retd. Principal D.K. Inter College Bareilly
Artist (All India Radio & TV)

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